When applying the scrub you are only leaving the scrub on for a short amount of time. Sugar most likely is not absorbed through the skin however, contrary to this Homemade Sugar Scrub which is meant for applying this scrub directly to your lips, there is a good chance that some of it will go into your mouth, either because you didn’t wipe it all off, or because you licked some of it off in the process.  In this sense, it’s great that you are using entirely edible ingredients, so that you don’t need to worry about ingesting ingredients that you would rather not have in your body.

Enjoy your smooth, soft, healthier lips.

WARNNING - If you have allergic reactions to cinnamon, honey or sugar please disregard from purchasing this product. If you are diabetic and would like to use a sugar scrub, a sugar scrub will not elevate sugars and won't be a problem unless you eat it. As always, you should consult with your healthcare provider about your specific health needs.
  • Cinnamon Lip Scrub

    Lip Scrub

    You've heard of body and face exfoliation, but have you heard of lip scrub and lip exfoliation? That's right lip exfoliation is one of the hottes buzz words in the health and beauty industry. We need to scrub the dead layers off your skin to maintain smooth and young-looking skin. Lip scrubs remove the dead outer surface of your lips, but unlike body scrubs, they are generally safe if ingested. Lip scrubs are made to be sweet and great-tasting so scrubbing is healthy and enjoyable.

    Advantages of Using a Lip Scrub

    Removing dead surface of your lips brings out new fresh layers, making lips soft, smooth, and yes, kissable!  Lip exfoliation makes your lips more moist so they can retain its moisture longer, helping to prevent cracked lips.

    Lip Scrub Usage

    Beauty experts recommend scrubbing your lips and using a lip scrub product at least once a week, and more during the winter. It only takes a few mintues to scrub your lips, so doing it once, even twice a week, is very realistic. Store in fridge to lengthen shelf life or at room temperature. If stored in the fridge let the scrub sit out to soften before use. The scrub can last for months if properly mantianed. With a lip scrub, achieving smooth, beautiful lips will always be within your reach.