100% Natural Whiskey Stones, Sipping Ice Cube, Whisky Rock Cooler, Wine Cooler & Chillers


Material: Natural Stones ( set includes 6 stones with storage bag )

Color: black , light grey

Item Size: 2cm / 0.78 inch / 18-22g per stone

Usage: Clean the stones, stock them in your freezer for 4 hours, serve 3 stones to your drink (liquid height no more than 1 stone height, normally 3 stones only serve 60ml/2 fl oz liquid) enjoy your drink with cool chilled stones.



Eliminates the ice that melts in your drink, has no flavor or oder that would effect your drink like normal ice. Rounded edges prevent scratching to your favorite glass, completely washable and reusable.  Stones are all natural, so there might be some color difference/ pattern difference.



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